Solved: Excel Errors Were Detected While Saving

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excel errors were detected while saving

Q: How do I fix MS Excel file name error “Error detected while saving”?

“I have some Excel files and found an error during saving stating that” An error was detected while saving a file list. Microsoft Excel may be able to save files by deleting or repairing certain properties. To do repairs in a new file. Click on to cancel file saving. Please click off.” I have researched the problem and found a solution that suggests that I install Office again. Do you believe this is the right solution? “

Microsoft Excel may report unexpected errors while saving. After hours of writing, closing a manuscript might be disappointing. Because Excel can’t save. This may erase data. How to repair Excel “Error detected while saving”? Look into it.  

Part 1: The cause of the Excel error was detected while saving

Various technical problems may lead to errors in Excel, but they are usually temporary inconvenience instead of amazing errors. Some common reasons include Excel errors, network problems, and antivirus problems. Here are some of the main reasons most Excel users encounter:

  • Not compatible with the model
  • Problem with large file size
  • Problem with larger images and other file properties
  • Windows Server File Sharing Configuration Complexity
  • Using an infected storage device
  • Incorrect system shutdown
  • System Error
  • Hard drive problem.

Once you have specified the root cause of the error, you can proceed to fix it. Read on to discover simple solutions to fix Excel errors.

Part 2: How to fix Excel error detected while saving

If an Excel file has significant errors for you, reinstalling Office should be your last resort. Instead, you should begin by obtaining confirmation that your actions are not contributing to the issue. Make certain that you are attempting to save only files that can be read by either using characters that are not present in the file name or saving to a location that does not exist already.

Following the cancellation of a user-related issue, you have the option of attempting the following method in order to save your workbook:

#1: Install Hotfix package

Installing a heat correction package is one way to solve the “Excel Error Detected During Saving”. However, be careful as it can be dangerous if you do not follow the instructions properly. Make sure to back up your system before trying to fix this. Follow these steps:

  • Click Start > Run. Print “regedit” in the Open box, then click OK.
  • Search the following logs: HKEY-CURRENT-USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Excel\Options
  • Right-click the New Select Folder > DWORD (32-bit)
  • Name it “FullLoadImagesOnFileLoad” and press Enter.
  • Double-click “FullLoadImagesOnFileLoad” and change the value to 1.
  • Close Log Editing

Solving this problem seems simple, but any errors in the log may have serious consequences. You can use the automatic registry repair tool to fix any mail problems.

#2: Interfering with changing and saving Excel files

If you can’t recover the current file like that, you can try unchanging and saving it. This involves saving your data into a new Excel document or repairing the original document.

#3: Save data to a new Excel document

To save changes to your document, copy the edited worksheet to a new Excel document and save it.

  • Copy content to a new file
  • Save under new version of Excel
  • Rename an existing file

#4: Save files to different Excel file types

Attempt to save the file using a different Excel file type if the approach described above does not accomplish the desired results.

At the top of the toolbar, select the Save Options option.

Choose a different type of Excel file, and then click the Save button.

#5: Open Visual Basic for Applications

Try launching Visual Basic for Applications to see if it helps you fix the “Error detection during recording” problem.

  • In order to launch Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, open the Excel file and use the Alt+F11 key combination.
  • An Extension for the VBA Project Folder
  • Please enter your password if prompted.
  • Navigate to Tools > Reference.
  • Verify the references that are already available. To save the changes, click the OK button.
  • First, close the VBA window, and then make another attempt to save the Excel file.

#6: Remove Visual Basic for Applications

Deleting a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) project from your document can also fix errors.

  • Delete your document’s VBA project
  • Trying to save Excel 2013 file

These manual solutions should help you fix “Errors detected during saving” in Excel 2016. Otherwise, consider using an automatic repair tool.

#7: Fix File System Error

A file system error may cause a “Error detected during saving” problem. Use the following steps to fix it using a file scanner:

  • Right-click the start icon and select the Explorer file.
  • Click on this computer
  • Click on the drive that saves the Excel file and click on the properties.
  • Go to the Tool tab and click Check to fix a file system error.

#8: Repair the workbook

If the infected workbook could not be opened, open file recovery mode for repair. When file recovering mode fails to manually repair corrupted Excel files:

  • Click File > Open
  • Select corrupted Excel workbook
  • Click on the arrow on the side of the Open button and select “Open and Repair”.
  • Select Repair option to recover data from corrupted Excel file

If the repair fails, please try the Extract Data option. When manual and automatic repair methods fail, consider using the Excel repair tool to recover your data.

These methods may not retain all the formatting and set of properties specific to your Excel version. They are intended to be available and saved versions of the file. Do not forget to save a file with a unique name on your local hard drive.

Other solutions for the “Excel error detected while saving” problem.

1. Changing the excel file extension

  • Open Microsoft Excel and go to File Tab
  • Click the ‘Export’ button, then select ‘Change File Type’.
  • Change file extension to xlsx and check if Excel can open your workbook.

2. Opening the excel file in safe mode

  • Press Windows + R. Type ‘excel.exe/safe’ and click OK.
  • Open your Excel file in Safe Mode and save it as.xlsx

3. Disable automatic calculation

  • Open Excel and go to File Tab
  • Click on the option in the left menu.
  • Go to the formula tab in the Excel Options dialog.

4. Open the corrupted workbook in WordPad or word

For errors caused by macro virus infection or incompatible software, you can:

i) Save your document in another file format

  • Open the infected file with Microsoft Word.
  • Save files in other formats such as rich text format (.rtf) or ordinary text. (.txt).
  • Close and reopen the document in Word.
  • Save as a new Word document

ii) Open file in WordPad

  • Open the Start menu. Go to the application. Click on the plugin and select WordPad.
  • In the File menu, click Open and select the corrupted file.
  • Remove binaries and characters that are not part of the document
  • Click Save as.
  • Enter a new file name and save as a format. (. doc)
  • Restart Word
  • Open the saved file and save it as an Excel document.


In conclusion, encountering a problem with “Errors detected while saving” in Excel may be disappointing. However, by following the solutions provided in this article, you can find a solution. We hope you find this guide useful and we welcome any further comments or methods you find effective in reviews.

Found an error in Excel while saving: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I repair damaged Excel files in 2016?

If your Excel file is corrupted, the automatic file recovery mode will start. If not, you can repair it manually by selecting the “Open and Repair” option from the down menu of the “On” tab when opening an Excel file.

Why doesn’t my Excel allow me to save?

There are several reasons for this error:

  • Large file size causes problems
  • System Error
  • Problem with hard drive.
  • Incompatibility between the Excel version and the system
  • Use of infected storage device

How did you fix an error while saving Excel?

  • Interrupts all changes and saves files under a different name
  • Save files in different Excel file types
  • Create a new workbook and copy it.
  • Change the calculation option to manual

“You want us to try to recover as much as we can.” Excel error?

If the source of the workbook is reliable, please select the “Yes” option when requested. Use read-only mode to open the file. Copy or move data to a new worksheet. You can also use the MS Office repair tool or change the calculation option manually.

How to recover unsaved Excel?

To recover unsaved Excel files, you can use third-party data recovery software such as WinfrGUI. Start the software, select the disks where you lost files and click on “Find Lost Information”. Select the type tab and select “Unsaved Files”. View the files in advance and click “Recover” to recover them. Save the recovered files to a different location to avoid rewriting the original files.

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