Translate WinfrGUI

Volunteers wanted is recruiting volunteer translators for the software WinfrGUI,  a free and user-friendly GUI (graphical interface) with the same functions of Windows File Recovery (a command-line software developed by Microsoft Corporation).

The source language is English, anyone who speaks other languages in the world can join to translate WinfrGUI to their native language to help us reach more users worldwide.

For respect and gratitude for all translators’ work in this project, all names of the translators will be credited to this translation webpage as soon as the language is integrated with the software. There will also be a direction from the software menu to this webpage.

How to translate WinfrGUI

WinfrGUI uses the simplest .txt file as the language pack.
You can find the source file en.txt in the installation directory of WinfrGUI on your computer. For example, E:\Program Files (x86)\WinfrGUI\Data\en.txt

The “E:” varies according to which drive you have installed WinfrGUI on.

Translation done

When your translation is finished, just send an email to [email protected] with your translated language file as an attachment.

It may take some time before your translation can be found in the software since we have to proofread it and make a certain schedule to put it in the software.

When it’s done, we will let you know by email as well.

Existing translations

Exiting translations are listed below. Thank you very much for your excellent work in the localization.

For anyone who’s interested in translating, please note that the following languages no longer need a translation. If there’s any new text that needs translation, we’ll let you know by email.

Language Status Accredited Translator
German Finished Enrico Bogs
French Finished Rico.sos
Italian Finished Claudio Masci
Hungarian Finished Dénes László
Korean Finished Jaehyung Lee
Catalan Finished Joan Mercader
Russian Finished Лаптев Дмитрий
Indonesian In Progress
Polish In Progress
Vietnamese In Progress