Fixing the Error: Microsoft Excel Cannot Paste the Data

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excel cannot paste the data

Due to the fact that Excel abilities are in high demand in today’s employment market, it is essential to become familiar with the application. Microsoft Excel, on the other hand, might be intimidating due to its extensive vocabulary and functions, in contrast to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Even with a solid grasp of Excel, you may encounter issues. The “Data could not be stuck” issue is the most common and can disappoint. A comprehensive explanation of this mistake is provided in this article, along with a robust solution that makes use of a dependable Excel repair tool.

Understood “Microsoft Excel Cannot Paste the Data” error

Have you ever had a time when you were going to go your work smoothly, just to have a square of sad fabric appearing out of nowhere? You have closed the instructions and tried to copy and paste again so that the instruction appears again. This error occurs frequently when you try to duplicate and paste information from one worksheet to another.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this error if it is a minor problem. For example, the problem may be cell combination or lack of familiarity with the appropriate copying protocol. In these cases, the solution is either cell separation or customization of copying techniques.

How to Fix the Microsoft Excel Cannot Past the Data Problem?

Here are 9 ways to help you fix this error message:

Solution 1: Restart Excel file

In many instances, issues can be fixed without the need for more complicated troubleshooting techniques by utilizing straightforward fixes such as restarting Excel worksheets. Please make sure to save your information by hitting the Ctrl+S combination before closing the worksheet. 

Solution 2: Check the combined cells.

Copying and pasting data from a combined cell into a conventional Excel worksheet failed. Break all cells before copying and inserting them to avoid this. Like this:

  • Select the desired data from the Excel folder.
  • Select “Add and Zero” from the tab and “Discontinue Cell” from the drop-down.
  • When cells don’t merge, copy and paste should work. 

Solution 3: Disable Macro Express

If you are using a Macro Express application on a Windows device, it may cause an “unable to enter” error. This application allows users to edit logs and play macros. To fix this error, check the background process and shut down the Macro express application before copying the data.

Solution 4: Use special tag options.

When entering extra graphics from one Excel sheet to another sheet, the traditional “feed” option may not work. Microsoft’s “Paste Special” option lets you use alternative feeds for particular scenarios. Follow these steps:

  • Copy source Excel data.
  • Open the target sheet to place.
  • Right-click any cell, select “Extra Feed”
  • Choose the encryption settings to secure your data. 

Solution 5: Forget DDE

You can fix the bug without paying attention to dynamic data exchange. (DDE). Follow these steps:

  • In your Excel window, click “Files” and go to “Options”.
  • In the requested dialog, select the “Advanced” option.
  • Remove the address box behind “Forget other programs using dynamic data exchange (DDE)”
  • Save your changes and try copying again.

Solution 6: Restart PC in clean boot condition

Damage to one Excel sheet may cause the same mistake to persist. Restart your PC in a clean boot condition to test the sheet. Follow these steps:

  • Open Windows+R and type “msconfig” in the run window.
  • Under “Selective Startup” in the General tab, clear the address box behind “Load Startup”.
  • On the Services tab, select “Hide All Microsoft Services”.
  • Click “Disable All” to stop unwanted service launch.
  • Select “Start” > “Open Task Manager”.
  • Task manager: disable process start.
  • Return to system settings and click OK to save.

After restarting your PC, check that the Excel worksheet is still damaged.

Solution 7: Start Excel in Safe Mode

If a corrupted plugin protects data seizure, you can start Microsoft Excel in safe mode. This mode disables additional add-ins and allows you to seize data without complications. To open Excel in secure mode, please press and hold down the Ctrl button while opening Excel. Try putting the data in another Excel worksheet to see if the error still occurs.

Solution 8: Switch to XLSX

If you’re trying to copy a lot of data, please consider switching from a traditional XLS to an XLSX. The XLS has a limit, such as a maximum of 65,000 lines. Copying more lines will result in an “unable to enter” error. On the contrary, theXLSX disc can handle up to 1 million lines. By creating a new XLsX disc, you can avoid encountering errors.

Solution 9: Use Microsoft Auto Repair Tool (XLStylesTool)

For Excel users who often encounter errors, please consider installing XLStylesTool. This official repair tool from Microsoft detects and repairs damaged Excel sheets. It can automatically delete corrupted content, allowing you to copy data without any problems.


In conclusion, Excel errors are inevitable, which is why having a reliable Excel repair tool at hand is important. Use the above-mentioned solution to fix the “data could not get stuck” error, as well as other Excel-related issues that may lead to corruption or damage to your files.

Microsoft Excel Cannot Paste the Data: FAQ

Why did I get the “Microsoft Excel could not enter” error?

This error occurs when you try to put data from the clipboard into Excel but the operation fails. It may be caused by factors such as data format that does not match Excel’s limit on data size or corrupted cell/formula.

Could a large amount of data cause the “Microsoft Excel cannot paste the data” error?

Yes. Attempting to encrypt a large amount of data beyond the Excel limit may cause an error. Excel has a limit on the number of rows, columns, and total size of data that can be handled. If your data exceeds these limits, please consider splitting into small sections before encryping.

How can I recover unsaved Excel files or remove them from storage devices?

In order to recover user-friendly data and easily recover Excel files that have been deleted, you can utilize the free software known as WinfrGUI. The process of recovering lost files from a variety of sources, including computer folders, external hard drives, USB drivers, can be accomplished in a short amount of time with only a few straightforward steps. In order to retrieve Excel files from your hard drive, you will need to follow these steps: 

  • Start WinfrGUI and select recovery function “hard drive and location”.
  • Use fast and deep scan mode to find missing Excel files. Stop scanning when you find your target file.
  • View pre-recovered Excel files and click on the “Recover” button to select the target to save recovered files on your computer.

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