How to Fix Excel file “Cannot open Clipboard” Error

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Fixing the “cannot open clipboard” error in Excel is crucial for storing and analysing data smoothly. Microsoft Excel is a popular tool for entering data in a table with lines and columns. This simplifies arm handling and analysis. Users may face a frustrating “can’t open the clipboard” error for many reasons.

What’s the “Clipboard could not be opened” error?

Dynamic-link library (DLL) errors, which corrupt or delete software files, are a prevalent cause. This can cause Excel to malfunction and display errors. Sealing the system or stopping an application with all RAM may cause complications. Problems can arise from virus damage, error checking, unexpected system shutdown, and storage medium failure.

To solve this problem, there are several ways you can try:

Method 1. Open Excel in Safe Mode

  • Simply hit the Windows key and the R key simultaneously, and then type “Excel /Safe” to begin using Excel in Safe Mode.
  • Clicking on the “Files” tab and then selecting “Options” will bring up the Options menu at your disposal.
  • From the menu that appears below the “Manage” heading, navigate to the “Add-ins” section and select “COM Add-Ins.”
  • All of the COM plugin choices should be deleted, and your modifications should be saved before Excel is restarted. The “Clipboard could not open” issue should no longer occur if it was brought on by a particular add-in, as this should fix the problem. 

Method 2. Remove Items from Office Clipboard

  • Open MS Excel and click on the “Clipboard Launcher” icon under the “Home” tab.
  • Delete all items from the clipboard by selecting “Delete All” or manually deleting selected clips.
  • Restart Excel to check if the error is still occurring.

Method 3. Repair MS Excel

  • Go to the “Settings” menu by clicking on the Start button and selecting “Configuration”.
  • Go to “Apps” and then to “Applications & Features”.
  • Right-click on “MS Office” and select the “Edit” button.
  • Choose “Quick Repair” or “Online Repair”, to repair corrupted MS Excel.

Method 4. Close the Time Folder

  • Start the “Run” program by pressing Windows+R and entering “%temp%”
  • Removes all items from the “Temp” folder, which temporarily stores the file and may cause processing problems if confused.

Method 5. Disable the installation of the plugin installed by Visual Studio or uninstall Visual Studio.

  • Installing Visual Studio may cause an error.
  • Disable the Visual Studio plugin in MS Excel, and if the problem persists, uninstall Visual Studio from your PC.

If you encounter problems with how Excel’s clipboard works, it may be because of factors such as disabled history, lack of synchronization between devices or unsynchronous records. To access the clipboard panel in Excel, use the short “Windows” + “V” keyboard to leave space in the clipbar. Open the “Home” tab. Select “Clipboard” and delete or delete specific clips.

WinfrGUI can recover missing or deleted Excel files. This tool is simple. It finds missing Excel files from folders, hard disks, external computers, USB drivers, and NAS servers with a straightforward interface and interactive technique. Just turn on Winfr GUI. Select the recovery function that wants to scan, view recovered files and save them to different locations on your computer.


In conclusion, the bug fix “cannot open the clipboard” in Excel involves various methods such as opening Excel in safe mode, cleaning the Office Clipboard, repairing MS Excel. Releasing Temp folders and disabling or uninstalling the Visual Studio plugins. Also, understanding the function of the clipboards and using recovery software such as WinfrGUI can help solve related issues and restore lost Excel files.

Excel file “Cannot open Clipboard” Error: FAQ

Q: Why does my clipboard not work in Excel?

A: An error “cannot open clipboard” occurred when trying to use the shortcut copy and drop tool, the drag and drop function or the drawing tool. If Excel has detected that the clipboard has been locked or accessed by an external Office application, this error may occur.

Q: Why does the cutting board not work?

A: The clipboard may not work due to reasons such as the Clipboard history. Disabled, no sync between different devices or problems with hiding the record.

Q: How do I open the clipboard?

A: Excel’s clipboard panel can be opened by simultaneously clicking the “Windows” and “V” buttons, which are both short text buttons. The history of the objects that have been duplicated will be displayed, and you will be able to choose the list that you want to use.

Q: How do I release space in the Excel Clipboard?

A: It is possible to open the clipboard panel in Excel by simultaneously hitting the “Windows” button and the “V” button, both of which are symbols that represent short text buttons. You will be able to select the list that you want to utilize, and the history of the objects that have been copied will be displayed for you to view.

Q: How to recover lost or deleted Excel files?

A: Using WinfrGUI file recovery software, Excel starts the software by selecting the hard drive recovery function and scanning the location for missing Excel files. View the recovered files and save them to the desired location on your computer.

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