Fixing the Error: PDF Preview Handler Not Working

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pdf preview handler not working

If you encounter a disappointing error, the Outlook PDF Preview Handler does not work, you are not the only one. Luckily there is a powerful solution that will help solve this problem. Take time to explore the following manual and discover various ways that you can fix PDF sample manager errors in Outlook.

Part 1: What is Outlook PDF Preview Handler Not Working Error?

Error managing Outlook PDF preview occurs when you can’t view a PDF file in your Outlook read window. Usually this error occurs after updating your Outlook version and if you have Adobe Reader set as your PDF reader.

However, there is good news. You can fix this by following the steps listed below.

Part 2: 6 Solutions to Fix Outlook PDF Preview Handler Not Working Error

To fix the bug, we have compiled a list of six solutions for you to try. Try and see which one works best for your situation.

1. Installing the Latest Version of Adobe Reader

Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your system. Check updates by following these steps:

  • Open Adobe Reader or Acrobat
  • Select “Help” > “Check Updates”
  • Install existing updates as instructed
  • Open Reader and select “Help” > “About Adobe Reader” to check the product version.
  • Go to the Adobe Reader Downloads page to download the latest version if available.
  • Once installed, make sure that Adobe Reader is configured as the default PDF file opener, and restart Outlook to see if an error has been fixed in the sample process.
  • Configure Adobe Acrobat Reader as a configured PDF Viewer

2. Set Adobe Acrobat Reader as Default PDF Previewer

To avoid delays in viewing PDF files in Outlook, set up Adobe Acrobat Reader as default software for viewing the PDF files by following steps:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Click the menu in the upper left corner and select “Preferences”.
  • Move to “General” under the category and enable the “Enable PDF sample display in Windows Explorer” option.
  • Scroll down to the Startup section
  • Select Adobe Acrobat as Custom PDF Manager by selecting “Select PDF Configuration Manager”.

3. Deleting Temporary Files

Temporary files or cache files may cause errors in managing Outlook PDF preview to fix this problem. Delete temporary files by following these steps:

  • Open Outlook
  • Press “Windows Key + R” to open the Run dialog.
  • Copy and paste the following paths into the Run dialog:
  • %temp%
  • %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\
  • Delete all files or folders in these paths (remember to back them up before deleting).

4. Ensure that “PDF Preview Handler” is Enabled

It’s possible that the PDF Preview Handler is disabled in Outlook, resulting in the preview handler error. Verify that it is enabled by following these steps:

  • Open Outlook
  • Go to “File” > “Options” > “Trust Center” > “Trust Centre Settings” > „Attachment Handling”.
  • Make sure the “Turn off Attachment Preview” option is unchecked.
  • Click the “Attachment and Document Previewers” button and confirm that the “PDF Preview Handler” option is checked or enabled.

A common cause of the Outlook PDF preview handler error is missing or damaged registry records for Adobe Reader. Create the required registry records manually using the following steps:

  • Click “Windows + R” to open the run dialog, then enter “Regedit” and click Enter to open a log editor.
  • Move to the following position using the left side:
  • “{HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Classes\CLSID{DC6EFB56-9CFA-464D-8880-44885D7DC193}” Double click on the AppID text to change the value to “{534A1E02-D58F-44f0-B58B-36CBED287C7C}”
  • Save changes and restart your computer

6. Disable Third Party Plugins

If the previous solution did not fix the Outlook PDF preview manager error, it may be due to conflicting third-party add-ons. Disable the use of individual plugins to identify problematic extensions:

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on “Files” in the upper left corner and select “Options”.
  • Go to “Add-ins” and click on the “Go” button.
  • Remove the option from the address box behind the plugin you want to disable, and click “OK”.

Part 3: Can I turn off viewing files in Outlook?

Yes. To do so, enable or disable Outlook file viewing. Follow these steps:

  • Open Outlook
  • Choose File > Options > Trust Center > Sensitivity Center Settings > Manage Attachments.
  • Disable the template display by clicking “Disable the sample display”.
  • Please select “Document sample and sample” and remove the option from sample box for sample you want to close to deactivate sample display. 


Now you know how to fix Outlook PDF preview manager errors. If common troubleshooting fails, please consider using Stellar Repair for PDF, a reliable third-party solution that is useful in fixing errors caused by corrupted PDF files.

PDF Preview Handler Not Working: FAQ

What is Outlook PDF preview manager error?

An error in managing Outlook PDF preview occurred when you could not view PDF attachments in the Outlook read window.

What may cause errors in managing Outlook PDF preview?

Errors may be caused by various factors, including managing corrupted PDF sample viewing. Older software, conflicting with other third-party programs, or using the older version of Acrobat Reader as a configured PDF reader.

How to fix PDF sample management not working?

To fix this problem, you can try reinstalling or updating the PDF sample manager, updating Outlook and Adobe Acrobat Reader, or disabling conflicting plugins in Outlook.

How to Recover PDF Files on Windows 11/10?

If the above methods don’t work, you can use WinfrGUI, a reliable data recovery software to recover damaged PDF files.

  • Download and install WinfrGUI
  • Start the program and select the folder or drive location where the PDF file will be saved. Click “Scan” to start.
  • Wait for the scan to be completed, then look at the sample and select the file you want to recover.
  • Click on “Recover” and select a new location to save the recovered PDF file.