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If you find a corrupted Excel workbook, you can restore it manually by using the following steps:

  • Go to File and click Open.
  • Move to the locations and folders where the infected workbook is stored.
  • In the “Open” dialog, select the corrupted sheet.
  • Click on the arrow on the side of the “Open” button and select “Opens and Repair”.

In the case of a critical Excel file corruption, restarting can be a disappointing disaster. To save time and increase productivity, we recommend the Excel file repair tool, one of the best tools that can effectively fix this problem.

Discover Top 5 Excel File Repair Tool

Excel spreadsheet corruption has many causes. You can easily repair these files and protect your data with a reputable Excel recovery solution.

Excel file repair software can reliably fix unforeseen data corruption. Excel file repair software often recovers most corrupted files. But realistic expectations and knowing what makes these instruments reliable and successful are essential. Consider these when using Excel File Repair Tool. 

1. MS Excel’s Native Repairing Feature

Excel contains built-in features to fix minor official document issues. This built-in repair method fixes minor file damage and simplifies concealment.

MS Repair is slow, however it can be used to fix corrupted files. It is a useful tool that preserves sheet properties and cell formatting while still recovering macros.


  • Protect the properties and formatting of the spreadsheet
  • Multiple Excel versions supported
  • Handle small problems efficiently.
  • Enable simple repairs in different situations.
  • Able to repair batches.
  • Allow file viewing before repair


  • Not suitable for large files
  • Unable to use on-demand kernel for Excel repair

2. Kernel for Excel Repair

Kernel for Excel Repair is a powerful third-party software that allows users to recover complete data including OLE objects, graphs and hyperlinks from damaged or damaged files. This professional file recovery tool is compatible with all MS Excel and provides an easy and trouble-free experience.


  • Maintain the quality of the repaired file
  • Supports multiple file repairs
  • Compatible with all MS Excel and Windows


  • No search options for specific information.
  • The free version only allows the viewing of repaired Excel files.

3. Excel Repair Tools

Excel Repair Tool is a highly powerful software application for Excel data repair. It helps to recover table formulas, numbers, text, images, and patterns from corrupted files. This tool effectively recovers data from workbooks and worksheets, giving users the freedom to repair multiple types of Excel files.


  • Enable information retrieval from corrupted files
  • Supports a wide range of data repairs.
  • Compatible with different operating systems
  • Simple and easy to use interface.


  • Only fixable files can be saved in XLSX format.
  • Unable to repair files simultaneously

4. Excel Repair Kit

The Excel Repair Kit is a complete Microsoft Excel recovery tool for easy repair of damaged or damaged files. It is easy to use and ideal for various repairs.


  • Recover multiple Excel elements including cell formatting, formula linking and information. Intuitive UI helper features support file repairs at the same time.


  • No file search option
  • Not compatible with Excel 2019 version

5. DataNumen Excel Repair

DataNumen Excel Repair is a reliable file recovery tool that offers an excellent solution for repairing and restoring damaged Excel files. This tool allows for a large amount of data recovery smoothly.


  • Provides comprehensive data recovery.
  • Supports XLS and XLSX file repairs, compatible with multiple operating systems.
  • With drag and drop function for ease of use.
  • Properties, instructions and parameters of DOS instructions
  • Enables easy integration.


  • Need to upload files to PC for Excel file recovery

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Excel Files for Free

If you accidentally deleted or lost an Excel file, you can try to recover it using a professional data recovery tool.

WinfrGUI is a reliable program that provides secure data recovery for Windows 11/10. With this program, you can recover deleted/lost Excel files and other types of files for free. It supports recovery from various devices such as Windows PCs, USB flash drives, SD/memory cards, external hard drives and SSDs.

In addition to deleting files, WinfrGUI can help you recover data from other loss situations including hard drive damage, malware/virus infection, system failure and so on.

To recover Excel files for free using WinfrGUI follow these simple steps:

  • Enable WinfrGUI
  • On the main interface, click on the Settings Scan icon in the left panel and select the trolley option you only want to scan the Excel file. Select the *.xls and *. xlsx file types, then click OK to save the scan settings. Alternatively, you can choose to scann all disks or devices.
  • Let the software complete the scanning process. After that, you can view the scan results. Select the desired file and click on the Save button to select the target for the file being recovered.

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The importance of repairing corrupted Excel files cannot be overstated. The corruption of files can lead to significant data loss and performance, which makes quick troubleshooting essential. Using a reliable recovery tool, you can access and repair corrupted or deleted data.

So no matter if your system fails due to a virus attack or your Excel files are missing. Don’t worry. We have a data repair solution for you. Repairing damaged or damaged Microsoft Excel files requires a professional approach and we have chosen the best Excel repair tool to make the process easier for you to do.

Frequently Asked Questions About Excel File Repair Tool

The world of Excel’s file repair tool is extensive and it is natural to have questions about images, videos, solutions or reasons. If you are facing problems related to destroying Excel files, please refer to the FAQs below for answers in detail.

Why is Excel file corrupted?

Corrupted Excel files can be disappointing and a great waste of time. The main reasons for file corruption include incorrect data file saving, failure to record data, incorrect program shutdown, power failure, hardware malfunction and virus or malware attacks. Any defects in Microsoft Excel files may lead to loss or damage of data files.

Can you fix Excel files on your Mac?

Yes, you can easily repair Excel files on your Mac using a suitable tool available on the market designed specifically for Mac compatibility.

How do I fix corrupted files in Windows 10?

To fix corrupted files in Windows 10, you can use a third-party tool or Excel’s built-in repair feature. You can try opening the corrupted file and follow the instructions to replace and check whether the data has been recovered. This method is effective for minor problems in most cases.