How Do I Restore My Computer To an Earlier Date | 4 Effective Ways

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how do i restore my computer to an earlier date

Restoring your PC to a previous date in Windows 10 may be a useful solution when your system fails to boot. It is important to note that you need to have a pre-built system backup or restore point. In this post, we will give you detailed tips on how to restore your computer to an earlier date on Windows 10.

Restore Computer to Earlier Date Windows 10 Is Imperative

System failures can occur in Windows 10 despite the increased features compared to previous operating system versions. Examples of system problems include Windows reset, stuck on the lead screen or blue screen, and upgrade errors. Causes of system failure or failure may vary, such as virus attacks, lanzware such as WannaCry, hard drive crashes, malfunction and application installation.

In order to manage a system failure, it is necessary to have a system backup, a system disk backup or a previously created recovery point. By doing so, you can easily restore your computer to a previous date.

Method 1: Use System Restore Points in Windows 10

System Point Generation:

  • In Windows 10, type “System Restore” in the search box and click “Create Restore Point” from the results.
  • In the System Properties dialog box, enable system protection and create a recovery point by clicking “Configuration” and selecting “Enable System Protection”. You can adjust the disk space used to protect the system.
  • Click “Create” to start creating a recovery point.

Restore Windows to previous date/time:

  • To restore your computer from a system restore point, go to the System Protection tab and click “System Restore” and then click “Next”.
  • Select the last recovery point you created and click “Next” to proceed.
  • Confirm the recovery point and click on “Finished”. Please note that the restore process cannot be stopped when it starts.

If your computer fails to boot, you can still restore to the previous date from WinRE. (Windows Recovery Environment).

Here is an example of a Windows 10 recovery to a previous date from WinRE:

  • Go to Choose Options > Troubleshoot > Advanced options > System Recovery in WinRE
  • Select an admin account, enter your password and click “Continue”.
  • Follow the instructions to perform system repairs and restore Windows 10 to the previous date.

Method 2: Restore the Computer to Safe Mode

Another option to restore your computer to the previous point is to use the Safe Mode. Diagnostic mode designed to solve PC problems. Follow these steps:

  • Open your computer and press the power button three times to stop the startup process.
  • Select “Problem Fix” after clicking on the Advanced button on the blue screen called “Initial Repair”.
  • In the troubleshooting screen, select “Advanced Options” and then select “Start Settings”.
  • Restart your computer to enter Safe Mode. Go to the Control Panel and follow the steps described in the previous section to restore your Windows PC to a previous date.

Method 3. Start Computer into Recovery Mode and Restore to Earlier Date

If Safe Mode failed to restore your computer on the previous date, you can use a booted installation or recovery drive for this purpose. Follow these steps:

  • Enter the installation or recovery disk on your Windows computer.
  • Access the BIOS and make the boot drive the main boot device. Save changes and restart your computer.
  • Click on “Next” until you see the “Repair Your Computer” option in the left corner.
  • Select “Windows” and then select “Problem Solving” after clicking on the “Repair Your Computer” option.
  • Click on “Advanced Options” and then select “System Recovery”. This will open the system recovery window in the control panel. Follow the steps in method 2 to restore your computer.

Method 4: Restore the computer using Command Prompt (CMD)

You can also use the instructions in Windows 10 to restore the system to a previous date. This process is similar to using an installation drive or recovery with different recovery tools. Follow these steps:

  • Enter the boot drive into your PC and access the BIOS to make the necessary changes. Save changes.
  • Click on “Next” until you access the “Repair Your Computer” option.
  • In the System Repair screen, click on “Problem Solving” and then select “Advanced Options”.
  • Boot in Command Prompt on Windows 10 and run “rstrui.exe” by typing the command and pressing Enter.
  • The system repair GUI will open, allowing you to follow the normal steps to restore your computer to the previous date.

Download Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost Files

To easily recover lost files on your computer, we recommend using WinfrGUI. A user-friendly file recovery solution. Developed by Microsoft Corporation. Winfr GUI is a graphical interface version of Windows File Recovery. This software eliminates the need for complicated commands and parameters, making file recovering suspicious. Best of all, it’s completely free.

With WinfrGUI, you can recover various types of files including documents, photos, videos, and so on. Its features include a user-friendly interface, fast and efficient recovery, recovery options that cover sample viewing functions, and it comes free of charge.

To recover your files using WinfrGUI follow these simple steps:

  • Start WinfrGUI on your computer
  • Select the address drive for your missing file
  • Let WinfrGUI perform rapid scans and deep scans to find deleted files.
  • Use the sample function to preview the file and select the file you want to recover.
  • Click on “Recover” and select a secure location to save your recovered files.

With WinfrGUI, recovering lost files has never been easier. Say goodbye to data loss and welcome smooth file recovery.

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In conclusion, the ability to restore your computer to a previous date may be useful when you encounter problems on your Windows 10 or 11 computer. The frequent creation of recovery points and use methods such as system restore. Safe mode. Recovery mode and instructions can help you solve system problems effectively. Also, using WinfrGUI. A reliable and easy-to-use data recovery tool can make file recovery process easier and prevent data loss.

Begin by downloading from the official website. The installation process is straightforward, ensuring even users with limited technical expertise can navigate it effortlessly.