5 Methods to Restore Deleted Files from SD Card

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restore deleted files from sd card

Losing crucial data from SD card deletion can be unpleasant.. Read this article to learn about reliable ways to recover lost data and go back to the memories that matter most to you.  From user-friendly software solutions to advanced recovery tools, explore detailed operational methods and steps to retrieve your data with ease.

Restore Deleted Files From SD Card Using WinfrGUI

Introduction to WinfrGUI Memory Card Recovery

Are you tired of losing precious files from your SD card? With WinfrGUI Memory Card Recovery, you may finally put an end to the pain of lost data due to inadvertent deletions. This free, powerful, and intuitive program provides a smooth and speedy recovery procedure and is particularly made for Windows users.

Why choose WinfrGUI? We will explore the strong arguments:

  • The intuitive design of WinfrGUI’s user interface makes it suitable for users with varying degrees of technical knowledge. Say goodbye to complicated recovery processes.
  • Advanced algorithms in WinfrGUI examine and recover lost files from your SD card, leaving no stone left to recover your precious data.
  • WinfrGUI is free, unlike its competitors. Use free, high-quality data recovery software for pc.
  • Fast and Effective: WinfrGUI is time-sensitive. Fast scanning and healing reduce downtime and boost production.
  • If you have any queries or concerns during rehabilitation, WinfrGUI’s support staff is always available.

Detailed Steps for Recovery Using WinfrGUI

  • WinfrGUI Download and Installation: Download WinfrGUI from its website. Install WinfrGUI on Windows with these simple steps.
  • SD cards can be connected to computers using card readers or devices.
  • Program launch: WinfrGUI Simply double-click WinfrGUI to launch it. Give the app permission to change your device.
  • Finding Lost SD Card Files: Select an SD card from the CDs and scan. WinfrGUI will carefully search the card for deleted items.
  • Reviewing the detected files and selecting ones to recover: Review the detected files after the inspection. Select the SD card files to restore.
  • Before choosing “Recover” to restore files, choose a location. Relax while WinfrGUI recovers your deleted data.

Additional Features of WinfrGUI

With WinfrGUI’s many features, prevent data loss:

  • Recover Vault: WinfrGUI’s recovery vault protects against unintentional deletions.
  • The simple WinfrGUI duplication finder eliminates duplicate files to free up disk space.
  • WinfrGUI’s S.M.A.R.T. program monitors memory cards and disks to discover faults early.
  • Backup disk images: WinfrGUI copies memory cards to prevent data loss.

Experience WinfrGUI’s unmatched capabilities and take charge of your data recovery now.

Alternative Solutions for Recovering Deleted Files From SD Card

Windows users have other SD card data recovery options than WinfrGUI, which is comprehensive and easy to use. Let’s look at four more SD card file recovery methods:

1. R-Studio

R-Studio is reliable data recovery software for professionals. It can recover SD card and storage device files in several ways.

  • First, install the software. 
  • Select SD card as destination to begin recovery. It’s advanced algorithms quickly and accurately find lost SD card files.

2. TestDisk

  • TestDisk, a free, open-source utility, recovers whole files and fixes errors.  TestDisk is a useful program for free SD card data recovery despite its lack of a GUI.
  • Users can run TestDisk from the command line. The app searches the SD card for misplaced folders and offers to recover lost files or modify file systems.

3. Windows File Recovery

Microsoft Windows File Recovery is a free software that recovers lost files. Particularly well with NTFS disks. Windows File Recovery is a basic yet effective SD card file recovery program without a user interface.

  • Windows File Recovery may be run from the command line.

4. DiskDigger 

DiskDigger (Android Version) is a highly suggested app for Android users who want to get back data from SD cards. Even though it was mostly made for Android, DiskDigger is a useful app for people who want to get back lost data from SD cards without using a computer.

  • Method: Once DiskDigger is installed on an Android device, the recovery process can begin by choosing the SD card as the storage spot to be recovered. The app looks through the SD card for lost files and gives you choices for getting back certain types of files, like pictures and videos.

Check out these other options to find the best way for you to get back the things you deleted from your SD card.

Conclusion: Restore Deleted Files From SD Card

There are now many options available that make it easier than ever to get back lost files from an SD card. Take charge of your data recovery trip and keep your priceless memories from being lost. You can do this by using easy-to-use tools like WinfrGUI or looking into other options like TestDisk.