How to Recover Deleted Files From SD Card Free

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recover deleted files from sd card free

If the SD card is broken, data recovery can be difficult. The correct free data recovery program can readily find missing files. This document recommends the best software to recover data from free SD cards and repair broken SD memory cards.

Part 1: Your Go-To Solution for Free SD Card Data Recovery

When it comes to recovering missing files from your SD or Micro SD card, look no further than WinfrGUI. This software stands out for its reliability and efficiency in restoring your valuable data without costing you.

Main features of WinfrGUI:

Get deleted or lost information from your Micro SD card easily without any cost.

Whether it’s a deletion, formatting error, or a terrible virus attack, WinfrGUI has you covered.

From photos to documents to videos, WinfrGUI will refresh various types of data files from your SD card smoothly, check how to recover recently closed word document.

Compatible with Windows 11/10.

Part 2: Simple Steps to Recover Deleted Files From Sd Card Free

WinfrGUI can recover SD card data in these basic steps:

Step 1. Select your SD card media

Choose your SD card from WinfrGUI’s drive list. Click “Start” to begin rehabilitation.

Step 2. Scanning the SD card

Relax as WinfrGUI quickly scans for your missing data. If your file doesn’t appear in the first scan, choose “deep scan” to explore your SD card.

Step 3. Preview and recover SD card data

You will receive a complete list of recovered data files after the deep scan. View your desired photographs, documents, or files. Select the needed list and hit “Recover” to revive it. Save the recovered files somewhere to avoid rewriting errors.

WinfrGUI is only for Windows users, and while it excels at SD card data recovery, you may need pen drive recovery software for other storage media.

WinfrGUI makes retrieving lost data easy, so you never have to apologize for valuable files again.

Part 3: Additional Solutions to Recover Deleted Files From SD Card Free

If you encounter problems with your SD card, here are more solutions you can try to fix and recover your data:

Solution 1: Use chkdsk command

Connect your Android device to your computer and install as a disk drive. Open “My Computer” on your PC and save the specified drive message with your SD card. Open the command by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Commands. Enter the following command: “chkdsk (Drive Message Specified with Your SD Card): /f” and press enter. The computer will start the process of repairing your corrupted SD Card.

Solution 2: Rename the drive font

If your computer has problems reading an SD card while using a card reader, you may need to manually configure a new drive message. Follow these steps:

Remove the SD card from your device and connect to your PC.

Right-click on “My Computer” and select “Manage”

Click “Manage Disk” and find your SD card.

Right-click on the SD card. Select “Change mail and drive route” and select “Changes”.

Select a new drive letter from the remove list and click “OK”. Check if your computer can recognize the SD card.

Solution 3: Install new drivers

Reinstalling SD card drivers can fix the problem and give access to your data. Follow these steps:

  • Right-click on “My Computer” and select “Manage”
  • Select “Device Manager” from the left panel
  • Double-click “Disk Manager” and find your SD card. (identify it by name).
  • Right-click on the SD card, select “Uninstall” and confirm action.
  • Disconnect the SD card and restart your PC
  • Connect an SD card to your new computer using a card reader. The computer will detect and install a new driver.

Part 4: Reasons for Data Loss on SD Card

There are several reasons why data may be lost from SD card. Some common factors include:

  • Emergency Deletion: Whether formatting the entire card or deleting individual files. Intelligent deletion may lead to data loss.
  • Error while transferring files: Moving files from device to SD card can sometimes cause an error causing data loss.
  • Deleting or deleting some similar files may result in some files being lost.
  • SD Remote Card: While remote SD card may lose data. It is always important to back up your data before formatting or changing card format.
  • Storage failure leads to corrupted files: A space beyond the SD card may cause file corruption or loss during file transfer.

Part 5: Tips to extend SD card life and prevent data loss

To ensure that your SD card lasts long and prevents data loss, follow these instructions:

  • Close your device before inserting or removing the SD card.
  • Keep the SD card away from severe temperatures, dust, humidity and magnetic fields.
  • Use a special SD card for each electronic device and avoid sharing between multiple devices.
  • Copy files to your SD card instead of downloading them directly from the Internet.
  • Keep SD card devices fully charged at all times.
  • Use the SD card carefully to avoid distortion, burning or damage.
  • Avoid directly modifying or editing the contents of the SD card on your computer.
  • Secure SD card scanning or formatting when needed
  • Always correctly remove the SD card from your computer.
  • Make sure your SD card has enough space to work properly.

Follow these steps to extend SD card life. Prevent harm and data loss. If you lose data, our free data recovery program or damaged SD card recovery tool can help.