How To Delete All Google Photos

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how to delete all google photos

If you’re looking to permanently delete all of your Google Photos photos. Whether it’s switching to another backup service or disabling cloud storage. There are several ways to safely delete your photos from Google Photos.

Google Photos is a valuable tool for backing up and organizing your photos, as well as easy sharing with loved ones like Apple iCloud Drive and Amazon Photos. However, advanced users looking for more editing functions may find Google Photos’ limited editor unattractive.

Besides, Google Photos has no unlimited free storage space for new “high quality” photos since last year. While you still get 15GB of free space, everything else besides that requires a Google One subscription starting from $1.99 per month for 100GB.

If you do not want to pay for your subscription, you may need to consider deleting all your Google Photos. However, before doing so, it is important to download all your photos to your PC or Mac to avoid losing any valuable memory.

Now let’s see how to permanently delete all of your Google images. Whether it deletes them one by one or all at once.

How to backup your Google Photos before deleting

Before you start the cleaning process, it is important to back up your image information from Google Photos. This procedure may not matter if you plan to delete unwanted images, do not reveal them, or just have no focus. However, if you want to permanently delete your favorite photos. It is worth making sure you have a second copy saved elsewhere.

If you have not backed up your cloud library offline yet, it is recommended to do so before deleting all Google Photos images.

Google Photos: Archives vs. Bin vs. Delete – Understand Differences

Before floating into deletion, it’s important to understand the difference between the “Bin” and “Archive” properties in Google Photos. Although they may also look the same, they have different purposes. And there’s only one that leads to your image being permanently deleted.

Storing images in Google Photos will not delete the images. The saved images will still appear in the search results and albums they display. The storage feature allows you to reduce the hassle in your Google Photos library by hiding the images from the sample grid, but it is still accessible. Storing photos does not save storage space or delete your photos.

On the other hand, the fly is where the shot will be deleted. When you delete the image, it will be moved to the cistern, which is the first step to permanent deletion.

How to delete each Google Photos image

Deleting each image from Google Photos is an easy process. If you are accessing Google Photos from a web browser, open the image you want to delete and click on the cube icon in the top right corner. There will be a message confirming that you intend to remove the image from your Google account. The synchronized device and the shared location in Google Photos click on “Move to cube” to proceed.

Using the Google Photos app on your smartphone, the deletion option is also easy. Open the image from a small grid, then press the cube icon in the lower right corner. It will display the text that appears as before. Click on “Move to cube” to start the delete process.

After that, you can access the Google Photo Box on the web. You will find it in the main menu of Google Photos on the left. In the smartphone app. It can be found under the library tab.

In the cistern there is a message above stating that the list will be permanently deleted after 60 days. If you wait, it’s okay. Leaving the removed photos in the tank for 60 days will make it permanently removed. However, if you want immediate tranquility, you can empty the tank yourself.

On the web, go to the tank and click on the “empty tank” button in the upper right corner in the smartphone app. Click on the three-point point on the top right, then select “empt tank”. The operation with both options will activate a confirmation warning message to permanently delete all items in the tank. Once you’re sure, click on “empted tank”.

Instead of erasing all photos, each can be permanently wiped from the cistern. Click the address symbol at the top left of the miniature image to select a web image. Long-press the image on your smartphone. This selection will provide an option to permanently delete or reset the image at the bottom (smartphone) or top. (web browser).

How to delete a lot of Google Photos

If you want to remove a lot of photos from your Google photo library, deleting individual photos will take a long time. Fortunately, Google provides an easy way to delete images in groups.

Start by selecting the image you want to delete on the web. Click on the address mark at the top left of the relevant miniature in the smartphone app. Click the miniature image you wish to select. Whatever method to use. The selected image will be highlighted with blue edges and check marks.

On the web, you can also use the Shift button to highlight the image. Select the first image. Hold the shift button and click the last image. Each time between the selected image will be highlighted.

Once you have completed the selection, search for the cistern icon in the top right corner of your screen. Click or press it. And the same confirmation message mentioned earlier will appear. Move your set into a cisterna where they will be permanently deleted after 60 days. Otherwise, you can remove the cisterne manually to remove it immediately.

How to delete images from Google Photo Albums

If you want to find and delete a specific image, checking your sorted album may be helpful. Deleting images from the album varies slightly as the tank icons are not visible when viewing images in the album.

To delete an image from an album on the web. Open the image. Click on the three points in the upper right corner and select “Move to Cistern” from the remove item. On your smartphone, open the image, click on a three point in the right upper corner, and scroll through the toolbar until you find “move to cistern”, accompanied by the tank icon.

Deleting batches from the album works the same as the previous one. When you select the image you want, you will find the deletion option in the same location.

How to delete all your Google Photos at once

Unfortunately, there is no one-click method of deleting all of your Google Photos libraries. Google Photos cannot be removed from your account separately. Unlike services like YouTube, so if you want to delete all images from Google Photos, it will take more effort.

The easiest way to delete all images is to use the selection method described earlier. From the web version of Google Photos, highlight the top image in your library. Move to the bottom of the sample grid and press the Shift button while clicking on the last image. This will select all images in your libraries. Follow the same steps as before to move the image to the can by clicking the can icon in the upper right corner. The time Google needs to process the deletion request depends on how many images you have in your Library.

Keep in mind that storage does not include your selection from the main image grid. To delete everything, you will need to check your logs and move items from there to the cistern. The storage can be found in the main Google Photos menu on the left. Select and delete images in the set by following the same steps listed above.

How to delete your Google Photos account

If the above method seems to be overworking, there are alternatives. For example, making a Google product unusable for two years will cause Google to delete all your content, including Google photos. If you refuse to upload, delete or interact with your Google image library for a two-year period, Google will automatically delete everything in it.

However, this method has potential bugs. If you interact with your account at any time during two years, such as your smartphone automatically backups the image to Google Photos, the clock will reset and you will have to wait another two years.

Another way you can choose to delete all of your Google accounts. The process is fairly simple: go to the “Data & personalization” tab in your Google account. Scroll down to “Download, delete or schedule your information” and click on “Delete your service or account”. Then click “Clear your account”. You will have an option to download your information and have to confirm deletion through multiple text messages. When you click “delete your account”, all your data will be permanently deleted.

Keep in mind that removing your Google account is a severe measure and will remove other Google services associated with it such as Gmail. However, if most of your Google accounts are used as backup solutions, images and cloud storage, this option may provide a faster route to deleting all of them.

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