Complete Guide to Recover Deleted Files on SD Card

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recover deleted files on sd card

SD cards are extensively used to store vital files, yet they might cause data loss. This article explains how to fix SD card issues and recover files. Mobile storage device SD cards use semiconductor flash memory. Despite its portability and interoperability, it is poor compared to other storage devices, leaving it susceptible to data loss. Therefore, many people search for methods to recover deleted files on SD card.

How to Recover Deleted Files on SD card Using Data Recovery Software

To make the recovery process easier, it is important to choose the right tool. WinfrGUI is an easy-to-use software that allows you to recover files from SD cards without causing any damage. It specializes in recovering SD cards and ensures that your files are not further damaged due to compatibility issues.

To begin the process of recovering deleted files from SD card, you need to download and install WinfrGUI on your computer.

Once installed, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Place the SD card in the card reader and connect it to your computer. Open the software and if you turn it on before connecting the Card Reader. Click the reset button to make sure WinfrGUI recognizes your SD card. SD card partitions are usually marked with USB characters. Select a partition with your missing files and click the Scan button. Or you can scan all SD cards at once by going to the Device Tab.

Step 2: The scan time will vary depending on the number of files and the capacity of the partition. It is recommended not to stop the scan process. If you want to find all the files in the selected partition.

When the scan is complete, you can explore the different folders specified in the path category to find the files you want. To speed up the search process, you may use the software’s features:

  • Type: Change to Type to find files by type
  • Filter: Set specific filter conditions, such as file size, type, category type, and date of change, to narrow the file list.
  • Search: Enter a partial or full file name in the search box to find a specific file.

Step 3: Sort the files and select the files you want to recover by adding a cursor. Click on the Save button.

Step 4: In the prompt window, select the storage for the recovered file and click OK to confirm. Avoid saving the file to the original path as this may duplicate data and interfere with the recovery process.

In addition to mistaken deletion, the SD card may encounter many other problems including damage, inaccessibility, writing protection and so on. In the following section, we will deal with these errors individually and provide effective solutions. This may help to recover deleted files on SD card.

SD Card Is Corrupted: Understanding and Fixing

When your system displays an error message stating that the SD card is not formatted. It is possible that your SD card has been corrupted. In such situations, there are several ways you can try to recover data from a corrupt memory card and repair it. Here are six useful ways to fix a corrupted SD card:

Try using a USB port, card reader or other adapter.

  • Change the specified drive character for the SD card
  • Uninstall and reinstall SD card drivers
  • Use the CHKDSK command to check for errors on the SD card.
  • Run diskpart to edit an SD card without formatting.
  • Finally, format the SD card.

In this post we’ll give you detailed steps to help you recover deleted file not in recycle bin.

Unable to access SD card on computer

There are various situations where you may encounter difficulties accessing your SD card on your computer, including:

  • SD card is shown as RAW
  • The SD card displays 0 bit storage.
  • This Volt does not have a known file system.
  • Position not available and access denied.
  • There will be a message asking if you want to scan and repair the removable disk.

If you are facing these problems, it is important to know how to correctly format your SD card. There are two ways to consider:

Option 1: You can format an SD card directly in your camera if the device provides this function. Another way you can unplug the SD card and connect it to your computer to format it.

Option 2: If you want to format on your computer, there are some methods to consider. First of all, you can press Win + E to open Windows File Explorer. Right click on your SD card and select Format. Secondly you can enter “Disk Management” in the search box. Click Enter to open the Windows Disk Management. Right-click on yourSD card and choose format. Finally, you may enter the “Command Prompt” command in the Search box. Select “Run as Administrator” then enter the commands “diskpart”, “list disk”, “select disk,” and “format fs= quick” in order, press Enter after each command.

SD Card Is Dead

There are certain conditions that indicate that your SD card may be dead or about to expire:

  • Abnormal behavior, such as unexplained file loss, altered card capacity, or the presence of strange characters and dirty code.
  • The SD card is unresponsive when put into any device.

To make sure your SD card lasts long. Here are some tips to protect it:

  • Always use real data cable and card reader.
  • Securely remove the SD card from the computer after use
  • Handle SD cards carefully and avoid exposure to unnecessary physical stress.
  • Understand writing protection on SD card

SD Card Is Write-Protected

Most modern SD cards come with writing protection function. When you enable this function, the SD card will only be readable. This means that you can read information from it but can’t edit or add any information.

If you want to remove writing protection, here are three ways you can try:

Method 1: Turn off the lock switch on the SD card. The switch lock is a small white or silver tab on the left side of the card.

Method 2: Open the edit log, go to the StorageDevicePolitics folder. Select the WriteProtect button from the right panel, set the value to 0 and click OK. In case you can’t find the storagedevicepolitics button, you can create this button by right clicking in the control folder. Re-select > Button and rename to Storage DevicePolices. If there is no subkey, Writeprotect, right click on the space. Select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value and renamed to Writeoprotect.

Method 3: Open the Command Prompt as an administrator, enter the commands “diskpart”, “list disk”, “select disk *” and “attributes disk clear readonly” in order. Press Enter after each command.

In conclusion, while SD cards are ideal for storing and carrying files, it is important to handle them carefully. By following the right steps and using the right tool, you can easily recover deleted files on SD card.

Recover Deleted Files on SD Card FAQ

Can I recover deleted files from SD card?

Yes, you can recover deleted files from the SD card since they are not removed from the card immediately. While items may be removed, but the contents of the files remain on the card. You can use WinfrGUI to recover the delete files.

Is it possible to recover deleted files from SD card for free?

Yes, you can recover deleted files from an SD card for free. Just download the free software WinfrGUI. Install it on your computer and use it to scan the SD card with lost data.

How can I recover deleted files from my Android card?

There are two ways to recover deleted files from Android SD card:

  • Use Third-party Recovery Tpp; for Android for free and connect Android devices to recover data.
  • The SD card from the Android device connects to your computer and uses third-party recovery tool to recover data.