How Can You Recover Deleted Blink Videos?

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can you recover deleted blink videos

Inspection videos are usually checked after an accident. Blink cameras are a popular device used to inspect home and office security. Unfortunately, there may be some cases where people deleted Blink clips unintentionally. However, there is still hope to recover these removed Blink videos. In a detailed video recovery tutorial by WinfrGUI, we will take you through the process.

How to Save Blink Videos

To begin with, it is important to understand how Blink videos are saved. The Blink camera stores the video on a cloud server for a specified period of time. For example, 60 days in the U.S. and 30 days in the UK. When the maximum storage time is reached, the video is automatically deleted.

Now we’re looking for a way to back up Blink clips. If your camera comes with Sync Module 2, you can store the video on a USB drive, depending on whether you have a Blink member or not. You can choose between backing up the clips or local storage.

  • Clip Backup will automatically back up the movement data to your USB drive every 24 hours to access these clips. Simply insert the USB drive into your computer or other compatible device.
  • On the other hand, Local Storage allows the clip to be saved directly to a USB drive, basically converting to a local storage device. These saved videos can be viewed using the Blink app.

How Can You Recover Deleted Blink Videos

Now let us deal with the burning question of whether deleted Blink videos can be recovered or not. If you have not backed up the video on a USB drive and it have been removed from the cloud server, there is no way to recover them. They are permanently missing. However, if you do backup stored locally or clip to a USB disk and accidentally delete the video from it, hopefully, you can use professional data recovery software such as WinfrGUI to browse deleted videos.

WinfrGUI is a reliable and highly rated free file recovery software for Windows. It can recover various types of files, including videos from USB drives. It is also powerful for photo recovery, SD card recovery, external hard drive recovery, and so on.

Step 1: Start by connecting your USB drive, the storage of your Blink video to your Windows 10 or 11 computer. Now open WinfrGUI by just opening the program.

Step 2: When WinfrGUI is turned on, you will be asked to select the target drive where your video is stored. Once selected, start scanning by pressing the specified button.

Step 3: Sit down and let WinfrGUI do its spell. Once the scan is complete, you will get a list of recoverable files. Travel through the results and find your deleted Blink videos easily.

Tired of a lot of deleted files? Don’t worry. WinfrGUI has convenient filtering options. To improve your search depending on file size, type and date of change. You can also split your search types specifically for video files to make this process smoother. Also. With the sample viewing function, you can watch your videos before proceeding.

Step 4: Found your worthwhile Blink video? That’s amazing! Simply select them and proceed to revive them with a single click of a button. Select a secure target on your computer to store the recovered files, make sure you drive them out of the original USB drive to avoid possible data writing.

The best of WinfrGUI is completely free, making data recovery accessible to all Windows 10 and 11 users. Also, you can recover as much data as you want without worrying about breaking any limitations. It’s easy and no problem.

With WinfrGUI that you can use, deleted Blink video recovery becomes windy, so why wait? Download WinfrGUI today and recover your beloved memories easily.

Why Does Blink Videos Back Up Failed

Now let’s deal with the failed Blink video backup. Some users that the last click movement was not saved on the USB drive. There are some reasons for this failure.

First, check that the USB drive has enough storage space. If there is less than 375MB of available space, the new video will not be saved to the drive.

If there is sufficient storage space, please consider the following options:

  • Unstable Internet connection: The process of transferring the moving clips from the server cloud system to a USB drive relies on a stable Wi-Fi connection. If the continuing connection is not stable, the backup may not be complete or the corresponding video may be damaged.
  • Unrecognized USB drivers: If the Sync 2 module cannot recognize the inserted USB drive, it can’t transmit the movement of the clips to the driver. Check the connection status through the Blink app if the USB status icon is green. The connection is correct. 


In conclusion, this instruction contains a comprehensive guide on how to recover deleted Blink video. If you have backup data on the clip video transfer to the USB drive. The recovery process is fairly easy. Please check the status of your USB driver as soon as possible so that you’ll be sure to get rid of the blinked video. Don’t make sure that you ever want to correctly recover BlinkUI.