Top 10 Best Photo Recovery Software For PC

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photo recovery software for pc

Do you need powerful image recovery software to find lost photos? It’s not unusual for computer users to accidentally delete important files, leaving them hoping to recover valuable memories such as a baby’s first wedding photos, important celebrations, or family gatherings. In this article, we’ll present 10 of the best photo recovery software for pc options available.

In compiling this item, we focused on recovery tools that deliver fast results and are consistently cost-effective. It is important to note that the ratings we offer are not sorted from best to worst. Each tool has excellent features to meet specific needs, so the final decision depends on your personal needs. Try to dive down and explore these top image recovery software options.

WinfrGUI (Windows)

Looking for a problem-free solution to recover your valuable images on your PC? Looking no further than WinfrGUI. This easy-to-use software provides a seamless image recovery experience with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to deal with complicated commands or parameters.

Main Features:

  • User-friendly interface: Goodbye to confusion. WinfrGUI has a clear and intuitive graphical interface that saves you a headache from solving commands.
  • Free and reliable: Are you worried about the cost? Don’t do that. WinfrGUI is not only free but also promises to remain so. Recover your photos without spending a moment of money.
  • Varied recovery: Whether it’s video, document, picture, or any other type of file, WinfrGUI has you covered. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your memories can be easily revived.
  • Compatibility: WinfrGUI is compatible with Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher and supports various file systems including NTFS, FAT, exFAT and ReFS.

User Experience:

WinfrGUI makes the photo recovery process easier than ever. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly recover deleted images with just a few mouse clicks. No need to run through complicated menus or commands full of jargons.

Restrictions on the free version: None

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Recuva (Windows)

Recuva is an easy image recovery tool for Windows users. It allows you to recover lost images from various storage devices including CDs and DVDs.

Main Features:

  • Restore unlimited images for free
  • Two GUIs for advanced users and beginners.
  • A limited but functional sample window
  • Good scanning speed.

User Experience:

While Recuva may not fit the performance level of a professional recovery solution, it is a suitable option for recovering recently deleted photos without wasting money. Its simple and easy-to-use user interface makes it ideal for beginners who want quick and uncomplicated solutions.

Free version limit: No limit on free recovery.

R-Studio (Windows, Mac, & Linux)

R-Studio is an advanced image recovery solution designed primarily for data recovery professionals. It has advanced recovery features to help you get a lot of lost photos.

Main Features:

  • Recover more than 500 file formats.
  • Supports all operating systems and file systems.
  • Includes sampling functions and prediction of recovery opportunities.
  • A lot of advanced recovery features.

User Experience:

R-Studio provides great recovery results in all scanning modes. However, due to the advanced features of the user interface, it may take some time to get used to. However the functionality presented by the application makes it worth learning curves. Keep in mind that the sample viewing feature may be slow and does not support a variety of file formats such as RAW images.

Restrictions on free version: Cancel recovery of files smaller than 256 kilobits.

Wondershare Recoverit (Windows & Mac)

Recoverit is a cost-effective image recovery solution for both Windows and Mac systems. It offers multiple license levels and a 7 day money-back guarantee. This tool supports a variety of devices and file types for advanced recovery capabilities.

Main Features:

  • Supports more than 1000 file formats
  • The ability to scan deep to find long-lost photos.
  • Modern user interface

User Experience:

Recoverit is a reliable image recovery solution that provides an easy-to-use method for recovering lost data. While it may not recover all images using its signature file system, its scanner can handle more than 1000 different file formats. (though the actual number may be lower). Freeware versions have restrictions that force users to purchase products to verify their ability to use them in their specific situations.

Limitations on Free Version: 100MB Free Recovery for Windows, Free Sample View for Mac

DMDE (Windows, Mac, & Linux)

DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software) is an advanced image recovery solution that helps to quickly recover lost or removed photos from various data loss situations.

Main Features:

  • Works with most operating systems and file systems.
  • Very fast scanning and recovery.
  • Could learn unfamiliar file signals
  • Additional File System Utilities

User Experience:

DMDE does very well in recovering all types of data, especially images. During our testing. The variety of work with different operating systems and file systems makes it a valuable tool for any recovery toolkit. The function focuses on usability rather than beauty as it is primarily designed for experienced users. However, the sample function has limited support for a small number of image file formats.

Free version limitation: Recover all files from the current panel (limited to 4000 at a time).

DiskGenius (Windows)

DiskGenius is a powerful disk recovery and management tool. Despite its busy user interface, it shows efficiency in recovering deleted photos.

Main Features:

  • Great ability to recover image files of various types.
  • Allows you to select the type of file you want to search for, providing many additional free features.
  • Can back up the partition table of your image storage device.

User Experience:

DiskGenius impressed us with its amazing recovery results. It has recovered a lot of data using file systems and file signatures. In addition to its ability to recover data, diskgenius has additional functions for managing disk partitions. However, the user interface may appear to be a mess that takes a long time to get used to it.

Free version limitation: can only recover files less than 64kbits.

Data Recovery (Windows & Mac)

Data Rescue 6 is a professional image recovery tool with excellent features as well as operating problems and limitations in the standard version.

Main Features:

  • Supports multiple file types
  • Recognition of duplicate files
  • Show a recovery file sample
  • Time Machine compatibility

User Experience:

Data Rescue 6 is a cost-effective solution, which is ideal for frequent use. The standard version only allows 5 scans, which usually leaves users choosing an expensive professional model. The scan cannot be stopped or restarted, and it is slower than any other data recovery tool.

Free version limitations: limited to recoverable sample files.

MiniTool Power Recovery (Windows & Mac)

Minitool is a paid image recovery program that provides a free trial version. It supports disk storage devices as well as CDs and DVDs.

Main Features:

  • There’s a bootable version.
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Can scan damaged DVDs and CDs

User Experience:

While Minitool does not support reliable file viewing and may fail when restoring large files. It has the advantage of recovering data from DVDs or CDs, which may attract some users.

Limitation on free version: 1GB recoverable with free version.

PhotoRec (Windows, Mac, & Linux)

PhotoRec is a free and open source recovery tool that specializes in more than just images. It relies on the ability to recover data only through file signing.

Main Features:

  • Great recovery results by signing files.
  • Select the file form to look for manually
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Includes at least a GUI.

User Experience:

Designed as a command-line interface (CLI), then PhotoRec has added a graphical user interface (GUI) for user convenience. Its strength in file signature recovery is evident in supporting almost 480 signature files. In our testing, it stands out for recovering all types of files, especially images. PhotoRec is an ideal choice for those looking for a capable and free solution.

Restrictions on the free version: No.

Stellar Data Recovery (Windows & Mac)

Stellar Data Recovery is an amazing image recovery tool with an interesting user interface. It offers free recovery of up to 1 GB before upgrading.

Main Features:

  • Built-in photo repair function
  • Great customer support.
  • Show corrupted information in Safe Mode
  • Could learn to re-sign files

User Experience:

Stellar Data Recovery stands out from its competitors with its image repair function, allowing you to recover damaged images after recovery. This program also provides team-specific support that wants to access your computer remotely when needed. It supports up to 300 file applications out of box. With the ability to learn again through sample files. However, during our testing, we have noticed scanning failures at times, which may cause disappointment if occurred frequently.

Limit on the free version: 1 GB of free recovery.


In conclusion, free image recovery software can sometimes work, especially when little data is lost. WinfrGUI is a great choice for PC users in such cases. However, if you want to recover a lot of data, the limitations of free options can become an obstacle. In these cases, buying a costly license is often the best solution. We highly recommend exploring the top options we cover to find the image recovering software that best suits your needs.