How to Remove Passwords from Word Documents

remove passwords from word documents

Word is equipped with a sophisticated function that enables us to produce a document that is suitable for professional use and then secure it with a password. Despite the fact that a password provides an additional layer of security, it can be challenging to enter a password each time you view a file, particularly in situations when the document is no longer classified. There is also always a risk of losing or forgetting a password. In this manual we will show you how to remove password protection from a Word document.

Part 1: Two main ways of password protection

Before deleting a password from a Word document, it is important to understand how the exe is locked. Microsoft provides two methods of password protection: full document lock and limit fixing.

Lock full document

To prevent unauthorized access, you can encrypt your Word document with a password. Just go to File > Information > Document Protection > Password Encryption. After setting the password. Anyone attempting to open the document will be asked to enter the code. It is important to choose a strong and memorable password as there are no recovery or deletion options in it if you forget it.

Blocks editing

If you want to limit the ability to edit your document, you can use the Edit Limits feature.

  • Step 1: Go to File > Information > Document Protection > Except Edit. The Limit Edit Panel will appear on the right.
  • Step 2: Select “Allow this type of editing only in document” and “No changes (read only)” from the drop-down. Say “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection” .
  • Step 3: “Start Protection Enforcement”. Under Protection Methods, enter “Password”. Click OK.
  • Step 4: Save and reopen Word. When editing the document, a password is required. When you know the code, remove password protection.

Part 2. How to Remove Password Protection of a Word Document When You Know the Password

Deleting protection is easy if you know the password.

Removing the Password of a Full Locked Word Document

  • Step 1: Open Word and enter your password.
  • Step 2: Click File > Information > Document Protection > Password Encryption.
  • Step 3: Delete and OK the password.

Removing the Word Password of Editing Restriction

  • Step 1: Open a password-protected Word file.
  • Step 2: Review > Protect > Save Edit
  • Step 3: Word requires a password to disable Edit Limits. Unprotect the file with a password.

Part 3: Unknown password protection

If you forget your password and have important data in the file, there are numerous options.

Method 1: Save Word to RTF

  • Step 1: The first step is to use either Notepad or TextEdit to convert your Word file to.rtf format.
  • Step 2: Using the Find and Replace tool, change the word “passwordhash” in the.rtf file to “nopassword.”
  • Step 3: Select Review > Disable Protection from the menu in Microsoft Word.
  • Step 4: Remove the protection from the Word document by unchecking all of the boxes and resetting the format to.docx in the pop-up window.  

Method 2: Use WordPad to save Word documents.

While WordPad may not have all the features of Microsoft Word, it can also help to remove password protection.

  • Step 1: Right-click on the document, select ‘Open with’. Select another app and select WordPad.
  • Step 2: In the WordPad window, click ‘Save Copy’ to create an editable version of your Word file.

Method 3: Using Google Docs to unprotect Word documents

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is launch your web browser, log in to your Google account, and then navigate to the website This is the first step in the process.
  • Step 2: Click the ‘Open File Options’ box before uploading the Word document. This will allow you to upload the document.
  • Step 3: Once the file has been uploaded successfully, you will not be need to enter a password in order to download it.

Method 4: Save your Word document as a new file

This method is useful when you forget your password and files are accessible in read-only mode.

  • Step 1: Click on the ‘Read Only’ button in the pop-up window.
  • Step 2: Save the file as a new document with a different name. The new file will not be protected and can be edited.

Part 4: Remove password from a fully locked Word document without knowing the code.

You can use any of these methods to unlock a locked Word document without the password:

Method 1: Remove Word doc password

Word document passwords are deleted many times. Two popular choices:

  • Passfab for Word is a user-friendly piece of software that, in addition to removing encryption, offers three different password recovery options.
  • Passper Word Password Recovery is an application that, similar to Passfab, is compatible with macOS.

Method 2: Rename password-protected Word files

Although slower, this strategy may be effective when others cannot.

  • Step 1: Rename the Word file from.docx
  • Step 2: Open the renamed zip with zip tool.
  • Step 3: Locate and delete settings.xml.
  • Step 4: Rename file extension to.docx to remove password protection.

Method 3: Use VBA code to reduce your Word document protection.

Please take note that this procedure is solely applicable to.doc files and necessitates the conversion of file types.

  • Step 1: First, open the Word document that you wish to remove the protection from.
  • Step 2: You will enter the Visual Basic editor by pressing ALT+F11.
  • Step 3: Right-click on the file in the Edit window, and then select Modules from the menu that appears.
  • Step 4: Insert the VBA code into the module by just copying and pasting it.
  • Step 5: Click “Run” and “Okay” in a new window to go to the fifth step.
  • Step 6: There will be a removal of the Word file protection in the sixth step. 

Method 4: Use Word Document Online Password Remover

Online password remover is useful when documents need encryption to open.

  • Step 1: Search for “Delete Word Online Password” and choose a trusted site.
  • Step 2: Upload your Word file to your website
  • Step 3: The online password remover will decrypt the file and give it the code.


In conclusion, Word has several ways to delete passwords from computer documents. Therefore, ethical and legal advice must be followed. If you don’t know the password and the document isn’t yours, avoid illegal access to avoid legal issues. This must constantly be considered. 

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