Top 5 Hard Drive Data Recovery Service: The Lifesaver for Your Data

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hard drive data recovery service

Imagine driving with a rubber spare part in your purse and hoping there are no apartments. Data recovery like special tyres. You wish you never needed them, but when your hard drive dies, they are your last hope in saving your data. This story covers data recovery services. Why should you use them and the top 5?

What is Data Recovery Service?

Data recovery specialists receive lost or damaged data. While they have remote recovery solutions, they specialize in repairing and loading data from damaged storage media, these companies offer lab cleaning room software, RAID and server recovery.

Why choose a data recovery company?

Imagine sitting at your computer trying to recover your data using only data recovery software to realize that it only works on disks that are reasonably accessible only. What about the physically damaged hard drive or the abnormal information that the software can’t fix? Data recovery services help you. These services can recover data after human error, hardware failure, firmware damage, environmental damage or power jump.

5 great hard drive recovery services that can help you


With over 15 years of experience, Salvage Data has established itself as a reliable quality data recovery provider. They use advanced proprietary hardware and software solutions to recover data from all kinds of digital storage devices, from tape recovery to RAID and on-site recovery. They have you covered. Furthermore, their certification speaks of their commitment to expertise including ISO 14644-1 Class 5 Cleanroom and ISO-9001 quality certification.

Ace Data Recovery

As another trusted player in this field, Ace Data recovery has a comprehensive service to help you recover data from damaged or damaged media. Whether it’s RAID tracks, SSD drives, hard drives or tape media. They are specialized in dealing with any challenge. With 100 level cleaning rooms and extensive experience in Microsoft Exchange® database recovery, and Microsoft SQL® Ace has proven to be a reliable partner in data recovery.

Safe Data Recovery

Safe data recovery offers comprehensive data recovering services focusing on privacy and security. With certifications such as ISO 4 Cleanroom, GDPR Compliance and HIPAA, they guarantee a high level of security. They provide emergency on the same day, hardware encrypted storage equipment and 24-hour support. With a 96% success rate, they are a reliable option for data Recovery.


Ontrack has been a leader in data recovery since 1985. They also have data recoveries software for home use. Their services include data recovering, email extraction, email detection, data destruction, and cell phone repair. They have certificates such as ISO-5 Class 100 Cleanroom. They provide secure data removal and comply with privacy regulations. With their worldwide presence, they offer standard and emergency services. We specialize in restoring data from various damaged devices. They also provide software solutions for safe data deletion and self-recovery. There are offices in more than 25 cities around the world including Washington, D.C.ซี. Ontrack has a 90% success rate and free customer support consultation.

Gillware Data Recovery

Gillware, an experienced data recovery service founded in 2004, is specialized in recovering data from various damaged devices. Their services include RAID hard drives, virtual servers, and flash data recoveries with emergency data restoration and mobile devices. They have certificates such as ISO-5 Class 100 Cleanroom. They guarantee secure data recovers with SOC 2 Type II-verified facilities. With over 200,000 hours of total experience, Gillwares use internal tools to handle complex recovery cases and help other labs. They attach importance to data privacy with measures such as offline data management and staff background verification. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, they accept recommendations from more than 2,000 provider managers. Providers across 2,000 countries, offer free and unpaid rates and calls, free e-mail and telephone support, including free mailing options.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Data Recovery Service

When choosing a data recovery service to manage your data loss situation, there are some features to look for. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Avoid services that are priced “per GB” because data recovery is a complicated process and the situation may affect the original evaluation.
  • Choose a service with a certified cleaning room in the laboratory to ensure that there is a controlled environment for the safe opening and repair of the drive.
  • A reputable service should return your damaged media free of charge if they can’t complete the recovery.
  • Find a service that focuses on the security of your information and can provide information about the management of clones and originals.
  • Think of the recovery service success rate and choose one with proven tracking history.

How the Recovery Center works

The renowned data recovery center follows the standard process for handling recovery requests. This is a common working process:

  • First consultation: the user describes the problem and specifies the information that needs to be recovered.
  • Technical Assessment: Experts evaluate the unique fingerprint of the storage device and verify that there is a problem with the power supply or read/write head.
  • Verification: Once a recovery strategy is defined, the device may be turned on in the cleaning room. The firmware chip may be replaced and there is access to the necessary servo tracks.
  • Clone Drive: If possible, the tech will try to clone the corrupted drive to see if the data can be saved.

Factors affecting the price of data recovery services

The cost of data recovery varies depending on several factors:

  • Device size
  • Number of data to be recovered
  • Scope of damage to drive
  • Technical solutions needed for recovery.

Some of these factors can only be proven during the recovery process. That’s why the service calculates instead of using a fixed price.

Solutions to unrecoverable data

When storage space is overwritten by the operating system, recovery is impossible. However, if the device is still working, data recovery software may be able to locate erroneously deleted files. Commercial solutions such as AOMEI Backupper or freeware file recovery alternatives such as WinfrGUI can help in such cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Data Recovery Service report the contents of your device? 

While the data recovery service guarantees the privacy of the data, they may have to report criminal acts legally.

Why do need a data recovery service? 

Business data loss can have a serious impact. Having a reliable data recovery partnership is crucial in restoring a critical company’s data.

What is a clean room and how is it used to recover data? 

A cleaning room is an environment with controlled conditions used by the technician to turn on and repair hard drives safely. It prevents dust particles and other contaminants from destroying the drive.


When you cannot recover lost data using a software solution such as Disk Drill, it is recommended to use a professional recovery service. The services mentioned in this article are free of charge and have a reliable solution for data recovery. However, it’s important to choose a reputable company with proven tracking history, since recovering valuable data from damaged drives may only be possible with the right expertise and tools.