10 Free and Secure Video Recovery Softwares

Videos capture precious moments, but losing them due to accidental deletion or device malfunction can be distressing. Fortunately, various free and secure video recovery software options are available to salvage these cherished files. Let’s explore these tools and their capabilities, ensuring a safe and efficient recovery process for your videos.

The Predicament of Lost Videos

Losing videos from storage devices can arise due to several reasons, causing frustration and concern:

Causes Behind Video Loss

  1. Accidental Deletion: Unintentional deletion of video files without appropriate backups can lead to irreversible loss.
  2. Corrupted Storage: Issues within storage media, such as SD cards or hard drives, can corrupt video files, rendering them inaccessible.
  3. Formatting Errors: Incorrect formatting or reformatting of devices may result in video file loss, especially without proper backups.

10 Recommended Video Recovery Softwares and Their Features

1. Stellar Data Recovery

Pros: User-friendly interface, supports various file formats, and deep scan functionality.
Cons: Limited recovery in the free version.
Features: Preview before recovery, multiple scan modes, and recovery from different storage devices.

2. Disk Drill

Pros: Simple interface, multiple scan options, and preview of recoverable files.
Cons: Limited recovery in the free version.
Features: Quick and deep scans, support for various file systems, and recovery vault for safeguarding files.

3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Pros: Intuitive interface, efficient recovery process, and file preview before retrieval.
Cons: Limited recovery in the free version.
Features: Quick and deep scan modes, recovery of formatted partitions, and diverse file system support.

4. Recuva

Pros: User-friendly interface, deep scan functionality, and availability of a portable version.
Cons: Limited updates and support for newer operating systems.
Features: Quick and deep scan options, file preview, and secure file deletion.

5. PhotoRec

Pros: Effective file recovery, supports multiple file formats, and works across various operating systems.
Cons: Command-line interface may not be user-friendly for beginners.
Features: Comprehensive file recovery, partition support, and customizable file types.

6. TestDisk

Pros: Effective partition recovery, supports multiple file systems, and command-line interface.
Cons: Complex interface for inexperienced users.
Features: Partition recovery, disk cloning, and file system repair.

7. Pandora Recovery

Pros: User-friendly interface, detailed scanning, and recovery of archived, hidden, or encrypted files.
Cons: Limited file format support.
Features: Scan customization, file preview, and deep scan functionality.

8. Wise Data Recovery

Pros: Easy to use, quick scanning, and simple interface.
Cons: Limited file recovery in the free version.
Features: Quick scan, file preview, and portable version availability.

9. Glary Undelete

Pros: User-friendly interface, quick scanning, and preview before recovery.
Cons: Limited file format support and lack of deep scanning.
Features: Quick scan, file preview, and filtering options.

10. Undelete 360

Pros: Simple interface, quick scanning, and preview before recovery.
Cons: Limited file format support and lack of deep scanning.
Features: File preview, quick scan, and sector-by-sector disk scanning.

FAQs on Video Recovery Software

Q: Can free video recovery software retrieve all video file types?
A: They support various formats; however, certain codecs or heavily corrupted files may pose challenges.

Q: Is there a risk of damaging my videos further using recovery software?
A: No, these tools are designed to minimize risks and recover files without altering the original content.

Q: Can recovery software retrieve videos from a physically damaged device?
A: It’s challenging; physical damage may require professional intervention.

Q: How long does the video recovery process take with these tools?
A: Duration varies based on file size, device capacity, and software efficiency.

Q: Are these tools compatible with all operating systems?
A: Most tools support various OS; however, it’s essential to check compatibility before use.

Q: Can I recover videos overwritten by new data using these tools?
A: Chances diminish, but some tools offer advanced recovery options for overwritten files.

Key Technical Terms Related to Video Recovery

  1. Deep Scan: Thorough search for lost or deleted files across the entire storage, regardless of file system.
  2. Preview Option: Feature enabling users to view recoverable files before final retrieval.
  3. File System Support: Compatibility with different file systems for recovery purposes.

Tips for Effective Video Recovery

  1. Immediate Action: Stop using the device once video loss is detected to prevent overwriting.
  2. Backup Regularly: Maintain regular backups of important videos to avoid loss situations.
  3. Proper Software Usage: Follow instructions carefully while using recovery software for better results.


Exploring these free and secure video recovery software options equips individuals with viable solutions to retrieve lost videos. However, prevention through regular backups remains the best strategy to safeguard cherished memories. Choose a software aligning with your needs and proceed cautiously to ensure a successful recovery without compromising the video’s integrity.