How to Retrieve Files from Formatted Hard Drive (2024)

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retrieve files from formatted hard drive

How to recover formatted hard disk files? These steps will make it easy to get back your files.

Step 1: To begin healing, download and set up WinfrGUI.

Step 2: Use WinfrGUI to scan the hard drive. Once it’s done, start WinfrGUI and check your hard drive. It helps the software look for things that it doesn’t have.

Step 3: Look at the items that are missing. Pick out the lost files to get back after the scan. Before restoring files, WinfrGUI lets you see a sample of them.

Fourth, click “Recover” and pick a spot.  

After selecting the file, click “recover” and choose a computer recovery place to store the recovered file. 

Understand the purpose of Formatted Hard Drive Recovery

There are various reasons why you may need to format a hard drive. When you format a disk, the operating system will delete all the information on it while performing a scan to make sure it is reliable. The formatting will create an internal address table, which is necessary for later information retrieval.

Formatting a hard drive can be useful in a number of situations, such as:

  • Safely delete personal information before selling or handing over your computer.
  • Using old hard drives as additional storage space when upgrading to a new hard drive
  • Guaranteed compatibility with new computers or devices when upgrading your system.
  • Fixed a problem with corrupted hard drive through formatting

Is It Possible to Retrieve Files from Formatted Hard Drive?

The answer is, yes. Even if formatting deletes existing files, the special recovery software can still retrieve data from the formatted hard drive. The formatting will reposition the data instead of deleting the data completely. This allows the recovery tool to read and restore formatting files.

Success in post-formatting recovery depends on many factors including the type of formatting used. Frequent backups may increase the chances of finding files that are lost due to formatting. There are different recovery methods such as using data recovery software, seeking professional services or trying to create a new partition table.

How to Retrieve Files from Formatted Hard Drive with Data Recovery Software

WinfrGUI is trusted worldwide to recover files from formatted hard disks. Its user-friendly interface, rapid scanning speeds, high success rates, and trustworthy customer service make it a top data-recovery tool. How to recover data with WinfrGUI.

Step 1: Enable WinfrGUI

Open WinfrGUI and select the partition of the form hard drive you want to recover. Click on “Scan” to start the scanning process.

Step 2: Scan missing data

WinfrGUI scans thoroughly to find all missing information and files on the formatted hard drive. After scanning, you can use the “Filter” option to minimize results by file type, or search for specific files or folders.

Step 3: Take a sample and recover.

View the scanned file and select the file you want to recover. Click on the “Recover” button and specify a secure location on your computer to save the recovered file.

How Was a Hard Drive Formatted

The first step in formatting a hard drive involves accessing your computer’s settings and finding a disk manager. This tool allows you to view all connected drives, including internal and external storage devices. Available tools may vary depending on your operating system.

Once you have specified a drive to format, select and select a format that is compatible with your system. Common formats include FAT32 or NTFS. Microsoft provides comprehensive instructions on how to create and format a hard disk partition. For more help.

Regardless of the storage media (hard drives, flash drivers, etc). The common procedure for formatting remains the same: Connect the disk. Open the formatting software and follow the instructions to complete the process.


To retrieve files from formatted hard drive can be done using different methods. If you have a backup copy of your file recovery from there. As an alternative to WinfrGUI, reliable data recovery software is available for free to recover files from formated hard drive. Remember, the sooner you try the recovery process, the better your chances of recovering lost data.

FAQ: Retrieving Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about recovering data from formatted hard drives:

How to recover folders from formatted hard drive?

If you formatted your hard drive by mistake and wanted to recover the folder, use WinfrGUI. Open the software, select the location of the folder and start scanning. View the recovered folder and click on “Recover” to save it to a secure location on your computer.

Can I recover formatted external hard drives?

Yes, you can recover formatted external hard drives using WinfrGUI. Connect the drive to your computer, run the software and scan the external disk. Filter and view the recovered files and then select a secure recovery location.

Is it possible to recover files from SD card form?

Recovering data from a form SD card is the same as recovering from a hard drive inside the form. Open WinfrGUI. Select an SD card and start scanning. You can restore your files after viewing the sample.

How to recover data from formatted hard drive with backup?

On a Windows system, you can use the File History feature to recover files from formatted hard drives. Search for “File History” and select “Recover your files from File History”. View the sample and select the file you want to restore and choose the appropriate option for conflict in any name.

How to recover formatted hard drives using CMD?

Data recovery from formatted hard drives using commands is possible with Windows File Recovery. Install software from Microsoft Store. Start and follow the instructions and instructions provided for recovering deleted files.

Remember to always act carefully and seek expert help if necessary when dealing with data recovery.

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