Fixing Corrupted MP4 Files: Easy Methods for Repairing MP4 Files

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fixing corrupt mp4 files

If your MP4 file is corrupted, don’t worry! There are two powerful methods that can help you on fixing corrupt mp4 files. These methods are effective in repairing various video files including MP4, MOV, and AVI.

Part 1: Understand the causes and symptoms of corrupted MP4 video files.

MP4 is a digital media container that stores audio, video graphics, subtitles, and static images. However, when trying to play a video file, you may encounter error messages such as “File could not be opened”, “Failure occurred during file loading” or “Folders with no information”. These warnings indicate that your video file is corrupted even if it is the correct size.

Video corruption often occurs due to data loss or incorrect structure inside the file. There are several factors that may cause the MP4 file to be corrupted, including interruptions during data transfer, incomplete downloads, incorrect camera shutdown during recording, corrupted storage drive, virus infection, and interrupted editing or conversion processes.

Have you ever had any of the following problems with your MP4 files?

  • Cannot play MP4 file
  • MP4 file not responding
  • Video recording with low battery signal (steps for repairing unplayable recorded videos)
  • Virus-infected MP4 file formatting by mistake of memory card
  • Stopping files while playing

If you answered “yes” to these issues, you won’t be able to play corrupted MP4 files. To recover these files, you will need to use MP4 repair software that can recover them easily.

Part 2: Fixing Corrupt MP4 Files Using Two Methods

Method 1: Fix corrupted MP4 files with VLC Player

VLC Player is an open-source application that can play some downloaded video files and even slightly damaged or damaged files without fixing the corruption problem. It also has options for converting file formats. Follow these steps to fix your corrupted MP4 files using VLC:

  • Start VLC Player and select “Media > Convert/ Save…”
  • Add corrupted video and click “Convert/Save”
  • In the conversion window, select the target file and click “Start”.
  • Open VLC Player. Click “Preferences”
  • Select “Always edit” in the “damaged or incomplete AVI file” option and click “Save”.
  • Trying to play corrupted.mp4 video file with VLC – it should play now

Method 2: Repair corrupted MP4 files by duplicating video files

You can also fix corrupted MP4 files by repeating video files for access. Here are step by step instructions:

  • Create a copy of the original MP4 or MOV file and rename it to AVI.
  • Open the VLC player and select “Tools > Options > Input or Codec”. Select “Always edit” and click “Save” at the bottom of the “Options” window.
  • Try playing the corrupted.mp4 video file with VLC to see if it works.

Part 3: An effective way to play MP4 video without any damage.

To make sure your MP4 files play smoothly, it is recommended to use a reliable media player with support for various converters. Many playback problems can be solved by fixing problems such as incorrect codecs, file extensions, missing DRM decoding buttons, modern drivers, etc.

MP4 video file overview:

The MP4 format is widely used for downloading and streaming video. It has good video quality while using fewer file sizes due to the use of compressed data. This type of image complies with the international standard MPEG-4 (Motion Picture Experts Group -4) for image and audio encoding.

Program to open MP4 file:

You can open MP4 files by double clicking on them, which will play them with standard software on your system. For example, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player (Mac), Gnome Videos (Ubuntu) and various third-party software such as VLC Media Player are available.

Play MP4 video in Windows:

Windows has several options for MP4 video playback. You can use your default media player or select a third-party media player. If the default file player can’t play files. Here’s how you can play MP4 videos on Windows:

  • Open “File Explorer” on your Windows PC and go to the folder containing MP4 videos.
  • Right-click on the MP4 file you want to play. Select “Open with” and select “Windows Media Player”. The video will start playing.

Play MP4 video on Mac:

Playing MP4 files on your Mac is easy. You can use a standard media player or another media player installed. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Finder and find the MP4 video you want to play.
  • When selected, right-click and select “Open with” then select “QuickTime Player”. The video will start playing in seconds.

Play MP4 video on Ubuntu:

Playing MP4 videos on Ubuntu may require additional steps compared to Windows and Mac. Follow these steps:

  • Go to “Applications” in Ubuntu mate and select “System Tools” and then click “Caja”.
  • Select “Video” from the window that appears on the left panel.
  • Double-click the video you want to play, and it starts playing.

MP4 videos are popular for their smaller quality and file size. When these videos are destroyed, disappointment also occurs. By following the instructions you will allow you to repair corrupted MP4 files and prevent future damage.

Part 4: Tips on Protecting MP4 Videos from Damage

Repairing damaged files is not difficult, but it is better to take precautions. Think of the following tips to protect your MP4 video from damage:

  • Create a backup of your videos on a trusted media.
  • Get a stable Internet connection for downloading or uploading video files.
  • Use a reliable video editor and converter.
  • Upgrade your operating system and antivirus software.
  • Avoid interference with data import or export processes
  • Make sure your camera has a fully charged and wellined battery.


Using the methods mentioned above, fixing corrupt mp4 files is easy. These methods work not only on Windows PCs but also on Mac devices. Understanding MP4 file formats, using the right media player and taking care will help you solve the corruption of MP4 files effectively.

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