4 Fixes to Corrupted CDR File Recovery

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corrupted cdr file recovery

Do you have problems recovering corrupted CorelDRAW files? If so, you have come to the right place. CorelDRAW is a popular tool used by graphic designers, both beginners and experts, to create beautiful designs. However, there are some cases where CDR files created in Corel DRAW are damaged and inaccessible. In this detailed guide, we will provide quick fixes and alternative ways to recover your valuable CDR file.

Part 1: Understanding the CorelDRAW file

Before we delve any further into the answer, it is imperative that we first be familiar with the concept of a CorelDRAW file. The files in question are vector graphics, which contain both text and color images. You are able to generate and save your creations in CDR format when you use Corel DRAW, which is a vector graphics editor.

Part 2: Cause of corrupted CorelDRAW file

There are several reasons why CDR files may be lost or corrupted. Some common reasons include:

  • Deleting a CDR file using the “Change and Delete” button
  • Problems with incompatibility with previous versions of CorelDRAW
  • Could not save recreated CDR file due to system or application failure
  • A virus or malware attacks your Windows system leading to file destruction.
  • Error in formatting or deleting disk volumes containing CorelDRAW files

Part 3: The last way to recover corrupted CorelDRAW files

Use WinfrGUI, the best CorelDRAW file recovery application, to save time and avoid several techniques. This robust program meets beginners’ and experts’ data recovery needs. Over 1000 file formats, including music, video, documentation, pictures, and CDR, can be recovered. Winfr GUI can find files on PCs, laptops, USBs, SD cards, and encrypted drives. It recovers CDR files from formatted disks and failed computers. This utility offers good file recovery with its innovative algorithm.

Step-by-step instructions for restoring corrupted CDR files with WinfrGUI:

  • Install and launch WinfrGUI on your PC. Drive with corrupted CDR file. The top right corner lets you choose the file type to scan.
  • Click “start” to scan. You can stop scanning to view the target file. Regular and deep scanning are available in WinfrGUI. Detailed search is possible with deep scanning.
  • A list of retrieved files appears after the scan. Recover corrupted CDR files by clicking “Recover”. Save them on various disks to avoid overwriting the originals.

Part 4: How to replace corrupted CorelDRAW file recovery

If the above method does not fit your needs, here are five alternatives to recover corrupted CDR files:

Fix 1: Recover corrupted CorelDRAW files through auto-saving:

CorelDRAW has an automatic saving feature that generates a normal backup of edited files. By enabling this feature, you can easily recover damaged CDR files by following these steps:

  • Open the folder that previously stored your CDR file.
  • Search for files starting with “Backup_of_” with file names
  • Click on the backup file to recover your corrupted CDR file.

Fix 2: Recover corrupted CDR files from backup:

CorelDRAW will automatically back up your CDR file using the extension.BAK to restore the original CDR file. Follow the following steps:

  • Open folder “C:/Program Files/Corel/Programs/Draw”
  • File search.BAK that you believe is a backup of a corrupted CDR file.
  • Open backup file in CorelDRAW and save as a new file

Fix 3: Accelerate the CorelDRAW file by converting it to Zip or Rar:

Converting corrupted CDR files to Zip or Rar formats can sometimes be recovered. Follow these steps:

  • Convert corrupted CorelDRAW file to.zip or.rar
  • Open a.zip or.rar file using a program such as WinRar
  • Remove the file and search for the file “riffdata.cdr” in the contents folder.
  • Create a new CDR file and import a riffdata.cdr file into it.

Fix 4: Recover CDR Files from Temp Folder:

Windows stores the temporary files in the Temp folder, making it a possible place for recovering your damaged CDR files. Here’s how:

  • Press and hold the “Win and R” button to open the “Run” dialog. Enter “%temp%” and click “OK”
  • Find the CorelDRAW file you want to recover and copy to your desktop.
  • Rename a file from “X.temp” to “x.cdr” (where X is your desired name).
  • Open a CorelDRAW file

Bonus Tip: How to open corrupted CDR file?

CDR files can be opened in programs developed by Corel such as CorelDRAW or Corel PaintShop Pro. (in read-only mode). Another way you can open a CDR file in a graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator.


To sum up, CorelDRAW files saved as CDR files are prone to damage. However, by the way we allow you to effectively recover corrupted CDR file. Our recommended method, WinfrGUI, guarantees a fast and secure recovery process without risking the integrity of your files. We also share other methods such as automatic saving, file recovery, backup, file conversion, and recovery from Temp folders. Remember that if everything fails, you can ask for help from your online repair program.

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