Free External Hard Drive Recovery: A Step-to-step Guide

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free external hard drive recovery

Losing files from your external hard drive is a common setback. There are reliable and strong methods to retrieve valuable data regardless of file size. This guide will encourage data retrieval from your external hard drive. 

Be Aware of the Cause of Data Loss from External Hard Drive

Data loss from external hard drives can occur due to various reasons. Here are some of the most common parts:

Human error: Error in deleting files or formatting disks is the main cause of data loss. It is easy to make mistakes such as running a script that deletes important files without noticing it until it’s too late.

Incorrect upgrade: Upgrading a system or application can sometimes affect your external hard drive, causing data loss if the drive is connected during the upgrade process.

Increased power: A sudden increase in power may cause your external hard drive to be damaged, making it inactive and requiring data recovery software.

Severe condition: Exposure to your external hard drive to high temperatures. Moisture or moisture may cause disc damage irreversibly.

Remember that these are just a few data loss causes. To avoid writing destroyed data, stop using an external storage device immediately if you suspect data loss. 

How to Perform Free External Hard Drive Recovery

There are two main ways to recover files from external hard drives for free. Try exploring each method in detail:

Method 1: Upgrade from backup file (if you created a backup before)

Pre-backup lets you easily retrieve files from external hard drives. Here’s how:

  • Create backup: Enable backups in Start->Control Panel->System and Security->Backup and Restore.
  • Find Lost Files: Click “Recover My Files” under system and control panel settings to find missing files.

Method 2: Recover with the help of data recovery software

Another effective way to recover your files is to use reliable data recovery software such as WinfrGUI. Follow these steps to restore files from your external hard drive using WinfrGUI:

  • Tools Access: Go to the official website and download WinfrGUI. Easy to use data recovery software. Install the software on your system and connect your external hard drive.
  • Start scanning: Start WinfrGUI and select the location of your external hard drive to start scanning missing files.
  • Try and Recover: After the scanning process is complete, please check the found files to make sure you are recovering the correct files. 
  • Finally, click on the Recover button to get them back to their original location.

Tips to Increase Free External Hard Drive Recovery Success Rate

The procedures above are effective, but these easy suggestions can boost your data recovery chances:

  • Recovery should not be delayed: File image recovery is more likely if you install hard drive repair software and scan storage devices quickly.
  • Use top software: Not all recovery apps are alike. Choose trusted software that supports multiple file types and offers dependable recovery.
  • Reduce the risk of duplication: To prevent permanent data loss. Avoid writing deleted files by separating hard drive connections until you are ready to start the recovery process.

By following these tips, you can significantly increase your chances of successful data recovery. In addition, backing up your important files regularly and keeping them in a secure place is an additional layer of protection against failure of the entire hard drive.

Protect important files on your external hard drive

Tips for protecting valuable external hard drive data:

  • Copy key numerous times: Backup important data to the cloud or a larger device.
  • External drive tag: Protects your external drive from formatting and data loss.
  • Use Data Protection Tools: Use third party tool offers Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery to improve security.
  • Store properly: Keep external hard drives out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, humidity, and moisture.

Frequently backing up your external hard disk is the greatest way to avoid data loss. Windows backup, Mac timers, and cloud switching options provide you the choice to choose the best solution.


In conclusion, this post provides useful advice on free external hard drive file recovery. Recovering from backup or using data recovery, software such as WinfrGUI, bear in mind that priority should be given to data switches to prevent error loss. Download Winfr GUI now and start your file recovery with confidence.

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